An In-Depth Knowledge About The Different Types Of USB

If you are currently on the hunt for the perfect USB to suit your needs well you’re in luck since this article will give you an in-depth knowledge about the different types of USB available out there. But first, let us give a brief description of USB. USB is the abbreviation for Universal Serial Bus that connects devices such as digital cameras, mice, keyboards, printers, scanners, media devices, external hard drives, and flash drives. Now let us talk about each of the different types.

First up is the mini-USB. This USB is more commonly used with PlayStation 3 controller, MP3 players, and other similar gadgets. It has a smaller connector that is standard for mobile devices before micro-USB.

Second is the micro-USB. Currently, it is the standard for mobile and portable devices. In addition, it can be used for all sorts of smartphones, tablets, USB battery packs, and game controllers. Almost every manufacturer around the globe has adopted this type of USB.

Next up is the USBs Type A, B, and C. Type-A USB is a standard flat, rectangular interface that you find on one end of nearly every USB cable. Type-B USB is mostly used for printers and other powered devices that connect to a computer. While Type-C USB is a reversible cable that promises higher transfer rates and more power than previous USB types.

For the products of Apple, the lightning USB is used. It has a bit of similarity in terms of size with USB-C and comes standard on Apple devices released since September 2012.

There is also the USB 3.0 internal connector (20 Pin). It is used to connect the external USB SS ports on the front panel to the motherboard.

Then comes the USB 3.1 internal connector. It is designed for connecting motherboard to front panel USB ports. Both the USB 3.0 internal connector (20 Pin) and the USB 3.1 internal connector were developed by Intel.

You should also know that there are different types of USB speed standards. It comes in USB 1.x, USB 2.0 and USB 3.x.

USB 1.x was the original speed standard. Nowadays, it is rare to find a USB with this data transfer speed.

USB 2.0 is the slowest speed of USB that is still being used today. You can find it on cheap flash drives, mice, keyboards, and other similar gadgets. You can click here to discover more about USB gear

Finally, USB 3.x recommended for devices like external hard drives since it is the fastest. It can be identified by its blue coloring and a SS (Super Speed) symbol. learn more about reversible USB cables here:

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